Welcome to IMSCC2023

4D Mathematical Science & Convergence Education Research Society of Elementary and Secondary School in Seoul

President Jeongyoung Maeng 

(teacher, Seoul Sangsin Elementary School)

The Mathematical Science Creativity Competition started in 2007 as a domestic Mathematical Science Creativity Competition in Korea and has become an international event since 2013. Now, IMSCC already has 17 years of history! This year's International Mathematical Science Creativity Competition is even more meaningful since it will be take place again as an on-site competition after 3 years of online events due to COVID-19. Following last year's addition of Capstone Project sector for college students and adults, a senior category (Creativity 4) for the elderly will be newly added this year, making it a convergence (STEAM) education festival for all ages! For the sustainable development of one planet, we expect various ideas for creative problem-solving to emerge from each sector.

In Korea, new education curriculums are focusing more on cultivating digital and AI literacy. 4Dframe is a teaching tool that is capable of teaching such important abilities to students. Member teachers of the 4D Mathematical Science & Convergence Education Research Society of Elementary and Secondary School in Seoul are realizing digital and AI literacy training through 4Dframe and software convergence education in every level of primary and secondary schools. In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, in order to foster creative convergence talents, we plan to develop AI convergence programs and projects through various challenges such as computational thinking-based problem recognition and solution process visualization, systematic algorithm design and collaboration, and creative problem solving experience projects. We are striving to foster talents who develop critical thinking, collaboration/communication, rational problem-solving, and computational thinking, which are the core competencies of the 21st century.

I hope that IMSCC 2023 will become a true opportunity of "Enlightening Imagination!"

Jeongyoung Maeng

Chair of IMSCC Committee

IMSCC Competition Committee

Chair: Jeongyoung Maeng

           (Seoul Sangsin Elementay School)

Member: Jaesung Kim

               (Seoul Nangok Elementay School) 

               Hyuk Lee (Sangbong Middle School)

               Hyosun Song

               (Seoul Ilshin Elementay School)

               Yongbo Kwon (Seoul Eungam School)

               Hogul Park

            (4D Mathematical Science & Creativity Research Institute)

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