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To provide you an invitation letter for your visa application, please kindly provide us the following by email(

1. Your legal Business(organization) Registration Document

2. Passport Image of the Local Organizer

3. A full list of visa applicants from your organization.

4. Confirmed Accommodation and air ticket(E-Ticket) info of your group

* More information may be required during the visa processing procedure. We will notify you in this case. Please provide us the information in advance to secure time needed to process documents accordingly.



Aug11, 2023

Launch of NGF Registration

Page for the IMSCC

Sep 8, 2023

IMSCC Registration Deadline

Sep15, 2023

(Student Forum)  Homestay

Program Confirmation

Sep30. 2023

Finalize your itinerary!

Oct14, 2023

Final Check

Oct20, 21 and 23, 2023

IMSCC Competition &

Conference Main Events  

※ Schedule is subject to change. 

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